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Making money online isn’t the easiest thing to do but hell, it doesn’t stop thousands of people from trying. Most people fail at making anything decent. If you’ve been trying to make make online but aren’t, then here are 5 possible reasons why that may be.

1. You don’t know what you’re doing.


With all of the information on how to make money online, you’d think figuring out what to do would be a piece of cake. It would be if there weren’t so many damn scams and useless information out there. So many people are just out there to make a buck knowing damn well they’re taking people’s money without giving something of equal value or more in return.

Just look at all of those make money ebooks on Ebay. If those ebooks were of any value, why would the people selling them sell them for so cheap? Ah, because their method of making money is in selling ebooks on making money. It’s like network marketing where you obtain your dream by getting other people to buy into a system to obtain their dream but without the recruiting.

So what do you do to make some cash online? The answer is to provide tremendous value whether it’s a product, service, or just plain information. If you’re an expert at something, there are likely to be others who want to know what you know and would gladly pay for that information. If you’re not an expert at anything, then you can find products/services that you find tremendously valuable and see if you can get paid to promote them through affiliate programs.

Once you figure out what sort of value you can provide, your focus needs to be on getting exposure. If you build a site that is just out of this world awesome, word will get around and you’ll get plenty of exposure. However, for most of us, we’ll have to rely on various sources to get exposure such as search engines, social media, word of mouth, referrals, leveraged traffic from 3rd party sites, and so on.

Keep in mind that getting exposure and building traffic takes a lot of work. Programs or courses that try to sell automated crap where you basically don’t have to lift a finger to make money should be avoided unless you happen to be allergic to money and just need to get rid of it.

Different businesses will require different strategies.

2. You’re a lazy bum.

Who said making money online is easy? Sure, there are ways to make a few bucks here and there without much effort but most of us want something that can be sustained. Success is hard. Making enough money to not worry about money is hard. It takes work, and lots of it. Unless you have the money to pay other people to do your work, you’re just going to have to accept the fact if you’re lazy, you’re not going to get very far unless you’re lucky.

Can you believe there are people who have figured out what to do to earn money online, step by step, and still don’t do it? I’m not talking about merely putting in a week’s or even a month’s worth of work. Anyone chump can do that. I’m talking about sustained work, over a long period of time. If you want sustained income, you’re going to have to work over a long period of time to get it. If you’re not willing to put in the work, then you don’t deserve to make a dime online.

3. You’re way too emotional.


Now there are some folks who figure out what to do, put in the hard work, but get discouraged over and over again. Building a business online is not like having a job. The income can fluctuate. One day you can be making the most you’ve ever made and the next day you can make less than half that amount. Yes, running your own business is risky but that’s why the rewards are so high. People who go into the right business can freakin’ retire in 5-10 years. How many people do you know who have jobs that can say they can retire within 10 years of starting the job?

Learn to deal with the ups and downs. If looking at your earnings or traffic every hour can make you discouraged and even depressed, then here’s thought: Don’t check your earnings/traffic every hour! I know that is almost childish to say but if you can’t handle seeing those low earning days, then don’t check your them so often. The longer you wait to check your earnings or traffic, the better your chances of seeing an acceptable average.

4. You don’t believe it’s possible for you.

Seeing other people making money on the internet is great but for many people, that’s not enough. Perhaps they think the people who succeed online are lucky or super talented or have tons of connections. Maybe they tried it once or twice but failed likely due to not really knowing what to do. Whatever the reason, because they don’t truly believe that it’s possible for them, they don’t give this business the effort it needs to even stand a chance.

When I first started out trying to make money online, I told a few people what I was doing and what the possibilities of having an online business are. Their reaction? Some said, “That’s cool, tell me how it turns out.” Others would continually bring up whether or not I’ve found a real job even though I told them this is what I’ve chosen to make my living from.

In their minds, because I wasn’t making much money at the time, they didn’t believe making a decent income online was possible for them. You may say thinking like that is reasonable and I agree. At the same time though, when I started, I didn’t know anyone personally who made a living online. All I had was success stories to go on but it was enough for me to at least see if it was possible and once I made that first dollar online, that was all of the proof I needed to know success online was possible for me.

Several of those friends are now wanting to get into the business after seeing me being able to financially support myself without a “real job” for nearly 2 years. Seeing my results gave them more confidence in the possibilities of this business.

5. You’re too impatient.

Making money online can take time. You can put in weeks and even months of work just to make a couple of bucks a day. Most people either have the get rich quick mentality or the job mentality.

make money

The get rich quick mentality is thanks to all of those rip-off programs and courses that claim anyone using their crap can a ton of money in only a few weeks without much work. We want instant results. We want to step on the treadmill, walk for 10 seconds, and see if we lost any weight. Working hard for 10 years is for chumps. Buying the lottery is a great investment because for only a dollar, you can win millions without having to work.

With this mentality, putting in the work day in, day out without seeing much results in the beginning is going to drive you insane. You need to think more long term. Even if it takes you 10 years to make enough money online where you never have to work, wouldn’t it be worth it? Most people quit trying within the first year and that’s why the failure rate for online businesses are so high. Most people don’t even give their seeds enough time to get above ground.

The job mentality is basically, “I put in X amount of hours, I expect to get paid X amount of dollars.” In business, it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you will put in a ton of hours and not see very much money from it. The work you do today may not make you any more money until 3 months down the line but when it does, it can keep making you money month after month if you build the right business.

I made less than $10 nearly 8 months into trying to build my online business. Most people would say I would be nuts to continue at the time. Most people would advise me to just give up. Fortunately, I understood that this business can take time and because of that, I now enjoy a type of income that most people can only dream of having. Being patient is critical.

To Your Success,


Since you’re searching for Swagbucks scam, you probably heard about how you can do simple things like search the web, play games, and fill out surveys and earn “Swag Bucks” that can be redeemed for things like coupons, gift certificates, and even cash all for free. Well, you’re right. So what’s the catch here?

The Catch

Well, it really is free to join and you get rewarded for doing things that you already do like searching the web and playing online games. So how does this work? Basically, you use their search toolbar or search engine to do what you normally do; search for information or buy things. The results you get are filled with sponsored links which Swagbucks makes money from and in return, they give you some of the earnings by way of SwagBucks which is their own online currency if you will. So they’re definitely making some good money by having you use their search engine instead of whatever you normally use.

Getting Points

Searching online isn’t the only way to make these bucks. You also earn by using coupons, doing trade-ins such as sending them old books and video games in exchange for Swagbucks, completing offers, watching videos, playing games, doing various tasks, doing a daily poll, and referring your friends to join the program. By the way, the “fun” ways like playing games to get points don’t give you that many points relative to the amount of time you have to put in but I guess if you’re going to play games or watch videos anyway, then it’ll work out for you.

Of course, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that you’ll be encountering a lot of ads. This is how they make money since it’s free to sign up.


The prizes include things such as games, clothes, electronics, home appliances, etc. Of the prizes that you can redeem, the $5 Amazon gift card is probably the best value which costs 450 Swagbucks. This is pretty much the only thing I get since I always buy stuff on Amazon anyway. The cool part is that you can use multiple ones on a single Amazon order. Hell, you can save a bunch and do your Christmas shopping without spending any money.

Update: January 2012 – So it turns out you can only redeem a maximum of 5 of the same items per month. What bull crap! Since the $5 Amazon gift card is one of the best deals, the most you can get is $25 worth of those a month.

As you can see, Swagbucks should really only be seen as play money and nothing more.

Update: As of December 2011, I’ve redeemed and used $25 $70 worth of Amazon gift cards. Keep in mind that I don’t use any of their ways of getting points except for using their search toolbar and even then, I barely use it.

Every now and then, after doing searches using Google, I’ll click on their search toolbar that I have installed, hit enter (it copies whatever my latest search term in Google is), and see if I earn any swagbucks. On average, when I do get something, I get about 10 swagbucks. My highest so far on one search is 47 points. In other words, if you actually make an effort accumulating points, you’ll do far better than I did.


Okay, so is Swagbucks a scam? No, it’s not. Is it worth it? Well, if you think about it, you’ll have to spend a lot of time to accumulate these bucks so if you compare it to what you can make with a job, then of course not. You could probably make more begging for money out on the streets. If you don’t care about the prizes and don’t already search the net a lot, then it’s a big waste of time.

However, if you surf the net a lot, play games, watch videos, etc., then why not get awarded for it?

So click here to sign up for a FREE account today. You get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up. Once you sign up, install their toolbar (you’ll get even more points) or just set their search page as your homepage and just do what you normally do. That’s pretty much it.

You’re definitely not going to get rich or even make enough for bragging rights but since you’re not putting any extra time or work, unless you intentionally sit at your computer trying to accumulate points, it’s worth trying out.

Let me know your thoughts and experience with this program. I’ve heard of this program for quite some time but just never bothered to check it out until recently since I knew it wasn’t something that could make me serious money but a few people asked me about it so I figured I’d check it out in order to write a review. Plus, I don’t mind scoring a few dozen $5 Amazon gift cards.

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If you want to know how to make money from home, then here are some ideas. Keep in mind that not all of these ideas will work for you. Some are more suitable for certain people with certain knowledge and skill sets. I’m going to outline 7 different ways to make money from home. Before you jump into any one of these, you will want to do some further research in order to know what it takes to succeed with each one. So let’s get to it.

1. Make Money with Your Own Info Product

Instead of selling physical products, which can be a headache, look into selling info products. These are basically informational ebooks. The main reason for going this route is that your cost of producing these ebooks are next to nothing. Since nothing is physical, you can send out thousands of copies at practically no cost. So what kind of info products should you create?

Well, if you happen to know how to do something that many people would like to know, you can create an ebook out of it. For example, if you were once overweight and figured out how to lose the fat, you can share your experiences with others. Many people are desperately looking for answers on how to get the body of their dreams. Maybe you were once in deep debt and found a way to get out of debt. If that’s the case, you can outline just how you did it and sell that information to other people. Or maybe you’re great at finding deals and happen to know all of the best sites to get the best deals on just about anything. If that’s the case, you can compile a list and sell that info.

What if you don’t have any expert knowledge or experience? Well, one thing you can do is to interview someone who is successful at doing something that you know other people would like to know how to do. From there, create an ebook out of it and sell it.

Here are some steps to take:

Research the Market

Make sure there is a demand. You might be an expert at making pants of G.I. Joe action figures but if no one else is interested in it, you won’t be able to sell that information.

Look at the Competition

Some markets are just a bit too competitive to be in. Take the weight loss niche for example. How many companies and products do you know deal with this? It doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful in highly competitive markets but it will take a lot more work and time.

Create the Actual Product

There are programs that you can download for free that will convert a normal Word document into a PDF file which you can then use to sell.

Create a Site

You will need a platform to sell your ebooks on so you will need a website with a good landing/sales page. If you’re not good with writing copy, you can always hiring someone else to do it for you. That or you can just experiment and learn what works better through trial and error.

Create More Products to Upsell

In order to increase your income, see if you can come up with more related ebooks on the subject. People who have already bought from you are more likely to buy more from you.

2. Make Money at Home Through Monthly Subscriptions

This will basically be a membership site where people will pay a monthly fee in order to have access to information that you put out. This can be weekly lessons on a certain topic, some kind of service that you provide, or releases of actual products. The great thing about subscription based sites is that you will be able to make ongoing monthly income. The downside is that you need to provide more than what your subscribers are expecting. That way, they will continue to stay with you.

A great example is The Keyword Academy. They provide product and service that internet marketers like me are willing to pay for each month. Why do I continue to be a member even after I know exactly what to do in order to succeed online? The reason is because they give me tools that save me a ton of time and at the same time, speed up my results. Not only that, the continually come out with better things and help keep me in the loop with the ever changing world of internet marketing.

The more you charge per month, the more value you are going to have to provide to your subscribers.

3. Making Money From Home Flipping Websites

This is similar to flipping real estate. The basic concept is to own a site and sell it for a profit. There are two ways to go about doing this.

Create and Sell

This is where you create a niche site from scratch meaning you put some content on it, make the site look nice, and drive a bit of traffic to it. From there, you can sell it to people who don’t have time to build a site from scratch and would rather pay for an existing site.

Buy, Polish, and Sell

This is where you buy an existing site that is underperforming, build it up, and then sell it for more than what you paid for it. Most website owners don’t really know what they are doing in terms of driving traffic and doing basic SEO work. So if you know how to do these things, you can look for sites for sale that have potential, buy them, apply SEO tactics to drive traffic in order to increase the site’s value, and then turn around and sell them for a higher price.

4. Making Money From Home with Ebay (Buying Stuff Offline and Selling them Online)

I’m sure you know that many people make money from Ebay. Anyone can sell things on Ebay but not many can actually make a living with this. The reason is because they run out of items to sell. So how do you go about making a decent income with the popular auction site?

Buy and Sell Collectibles and Antiques

Have you ever seen those antique shows where people bring in their junk to get it appraised by an expert? Many of them find out that their “junk” is worth a lot more than what they paid for. If you can become an expert in certain collectible and antique items, you will be able to spot a good deal when you see it.

One thing you can do is to start studying the completed listing prices on Ebay for certain products to get an idea of what the going price is. From there, you will have a good idea of the maximum amount of money you should pay for the item in order to make a profit when you sell it. The key to success with this type of Ebay business is to buy cheap. You can run ads in your local paper or even on Craigslist to let people know you’re buying these particular items. People are always looking to sell their “junk”.

You can also find many antique items and collectibles at yard sales or even auctions. Most people don’t really know how much these types of products are worth so if you do, you can pick up a great bargain. I actually knew a guy who sold antique toys on Ebay. He only did this part time but was able to bring in anywhere from $3k – $5k a month. What helped him to do well was this extensive knowledge on the going prices for particular items in his niche.

Once you have the products in hand, you don’t have to sell them Ebay only. You can also sell them on Craigslist or or even on your own niche website if you have enough inventory to make it worth it.

5. Make Money Online with an E-commerce Business

An ecommerce is basically a business where you sell physical products. You will either be buying and shipping these products out yourself or use drop shippers. So what’s the key to success with this type of business? Buying things cheap.

In most situations, you will have to buy in bulk in order to get a low cost per unit. You can buy products wholesale or use sites like to buy products that are being liquidated. You can also go to to find wholesale deals. Keep in mind that just because you can find great deals, it doesn’t mean that there is automatically a demand for it. Make sure you research the market as well as the competition.

A safer way to sell products is through dropshippers. This is basically a setup where you get the customers and the dropshipper will ship the products to your customer. The customer pays you directly and from there, you give the dropshipper their cut of the profit. By doing business this way, you won’t have to buy and stock tons of products. A couple of good sites for this is (good for connecting with wholesalers as well) and You will need to have a business license in most cases to be able to get real wholesale prices. Be aware that there are many scammers out there who will sell you a list of wholesalers who aren’t really wholesalers at all but middlemen. The sites I mentioned are some of the most reputable places to connect with real wholesalers.

You will want to market your business through traditional means such as ads as well as using SEO tactics as well in order to get organic traffic. You can also use Adwords to advertise your site as well.

6. How to Make Money From Home with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the more popular ways to make money from home. The main reason is because you’re basically promoting other people’s products. You don’t have to spend any time creating your own stuff. Everything from refunds to customer service is handled by the owner of the products you’re promoting. You get a cut from everything you sell.

So how do you actually make money with this method? Here is what you will need.

Finding a Niche/Product

Here are some of the top sites to find products to promote:,,, and

There are certain numbers you will want to look at such as companies with an EPC of at least $20. From there, you will want to look at demand and competition using the guidelines taught at the Keyword Academy.

Create a Website

You will need to get hosting and a relevant domain name in order to have a place to send traffic to.

Capture Leads

Instead of sending your visitors straight to your merchant’s sales page, consider capturing their email address with an email responder such as Aweber and Mailchimp. You can do this by giving away free information. The reason for doing this is to build trust and increase the likelihood that they will end up buying. Once you build a large list, you can continue to sell to your list of subscribers since once they buy something based on your recommendation, they are likely to buy more products that you recommend.

Some Tips

- Choose products that have more than one merchant. This way, if the affiliate program you’re using shuts down for whatever reason, you will have a backup.
- If you use Amazon to sell actual products, go for keywords that involve a brand and model of a product. These generally have a much higher conversion rate and are typically easier to rank for in the search engines.
- Aim on ranking for long tail keywords first in order to build some authority before going for the harder keywords.
- If you’re going to promote an info product, choose something that you would actually use yourself. This just makes writing about and recommending the products easier.

7. How to Make Money From Home with Adsense

This method is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The main reason is because it’s so easy to setup. All you need to do is to create a website and stick a piece of code into your html in order to display the ads. Of course, putting up some ads on your site and actually making real money are two different things.

Here is what you will need to make some serious money with this method.

Keyword Research

You can’t just start a website or blog about anything you want. You will want it to be about a topic that actually has enough demand to create a business around. Along with finding the demand, you will also want to gauge the competition as well.

Create a Website

You need something to point traffic to. It’s way better to have your own website. Don’t use free sites like Blogger because it can be taken away from you for no reasons at any point. Learn how to do proper onsite SEO in order to have an advantage over 90% of your competitors.

Drive Traffic

Just like with most of the other methods of making money online from home, you need to have traffic. This can be done through article marketing, social marketing, advertising, etc.

So there you have it, 7 ways on how to make money on the internet from home. Obviously, some of the things I discussed aren’t in too much detail which means you will have to do some more research on your own but at least you have a general idea of what needs to be done.


Knowing how to make money from home and actually putting what you know into action are two different things. Working from home is great because you can be your own boss but it also takes discipline to build a successful home business. Make sure your plan includes a daily to-do list which should really only include the top 2-3 things that are critical to your business’s success. If you can focus on the few important tasks each and every day, within a few years, you should be able to be in a position financially that most people can only dream about.

To Your Success,

Kai S.