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Internet Marketing Companies Are Rip-Offs

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I get emails from internet marketing companies almost on a daily basis telling me how they can help to improve my rankings. They tell me how I’m not ranking for certain keywords and call me out on my lack of links. They tell me I don’t have social presence then go and use big, useless online marketing jargon to try to make me think I don’t know what I’m doing.

Here’s my question to all you internet marketing companies out there:

If you’re so damn good at increasing rankings and driving traffic, why the hell don’t you just use that knowledge and make money with your own sites?

Is it because you’re really incompetent and don’t know what you’re doing and your real aim is just to rip website owners out of their hard earned money? I’ve checked out some of these SEO services and I can say with confidence that at least 90% of the crap that many of them spew out of their asses about what they will do for you is meant to either make you feel like a total newbie or to make it seem like they are going to do some really important stuff.

Things like premium site and traffic analysis, super secret onsite SEO diagnostic analysis and optimization, enhancements to title, meta tags, and alternative text, social media recognition, critical search engine submissions, reputation management, and continually coming up with other nonsensical terms and phrases to make you think they’re experts.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these companies really do know what they’re doing and work for big fortune 500 companies. The ones I’m talking about are the ones who contact owners of small websites and charge them hundreds or thousands a month for their expert services. What a bunch of scamming rip offs.

Why am I writing this article? To let you know that unless you run a huge company and don’t have time to do these things yourself, don’t use these internet marketing services. You can learn how to do this stuff yourself. I did and that’s why I can look at their service list and tell they’re BS.

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