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The Keyword Academy Results – 1 Year Later

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March 2010

In my Keyword Academy Review which I wrote a while back, I outlined the training course and gave my thoughts on its pros and cons. I have been a member for about a year now and thought I would update what this program has done for me since I joined.

In short, it changed my life.

Like most people who try to start an internet business, a lot of time is spent trying to figure out how to drive traffic. Many people believe that all you have to do is write amazing articles and people will automatically find your website. Not true at all. I know of plenty of websites that have pretty great content but get very little traffic. This training course basically teaches you how to drive traffic to your website.

When I first joined, I was making about $8 a month. Yes, barely a quarter a day. Less than one year later, about 10 months after joining the Keyword Academy, I surpassed the $1,000 a month mark. To be honest with you, I didn’t really do much until my 3rd month as a member. I still felt that I needed to read different blogs and learn as much about this business as I can. Perhaps part of me didn’t really believe that it would work. Anyway, in the end, it was a waste of time. My income was still dismal so I decided to stick only with the methods I learned from the Keyword Academy and started to work like my life depended on it. That’s when everything started to change.

So if you take that into account, it took less than 7 months for me to hit the $1,000 a month mark. I know, it’s not that much compared to getting a regular job but the great thing is that it’s all residual. Ask around, 99% of the people you know don’t make any type of residual income at all. Residual income is what will set you financially free. In fact, the month before and the month that I actually surpassed the $1k mark, I didn’t really do much work. Try doing that with a business that you need to physically be there or a job. You’ll go broke or get fired.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of outsourcing. I barely write articles anymore, yet, my income keeps increasing. That’s the beauty of this business.

I remember when I first started, the amount of money I’m making now was a dream. Now that it’s a reality, although it was exciting at first, I have my eyes set on bigger goals. You’ll experience the same thing. You might think making $100 a month is great until you actually hit it month after month. After a while, you’ll want more.

Ultimately, you will want to make enough to be financially free and enjoy whatever lifestyle that you want. How long it will take will depend on what sort of lifestyle you want and how hard you work.

Anyway, that’s my update on the Keyword Academy Scam or Not Review.

Just because you sign up as a member of the Keyword Academy, it doesn’t mean you will be successful. It takes work and patience. Knowing what to do isn’t enough. A lot of this business is mental as you will soon find out.

Here’s to your internet business success…


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