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The Keyword Academy Review

This is my Keyword Academy Scam or Not review on whether or not it’s a scam and if it’s not, is it even worth it. I can give this review because I gave it a test drive since there has been a lot of hype about it so I’m sure many people will come across their sales pitch. If you’re reading this review, then you’re most likely someone who is wanting to learn how to make money online. As I’ve said in a bunch of my other posts, when it comes to this whole making money thing, there are so many scams out there that it sickens me. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people will do whatever it takes to make money like exaggerate, lie, and scam good honest people who just want to make a better life for themselves and their family.

Keyword Academy Scam? – The Analysis:

So what’s this Keyword Academy deal about? Basically, it’s a video training/ebook course that will teach you how to produce residual income online. So far, nothing special. Many people do the exact same thing. So how much are they charging to try this out? Nothing. That’s right, it’s free for the first month. Now, I’ve seen these types of deals before and almost always, you get what you pay for… a bunch of scattered information which is good to know but it’s not structured in a way that will help you make any money. So even with free deal they have, so far, still nothing special.

On top of that, a lot of these low cost deals are really just a way to suck you in, give you the “basic” version of their program that is basically useless. The only way you can actually benefit from these programs is if you upgrade to their way more expensive packages that include everything.

So how does the Keyword Academy score in this department? You actually get the full blown training course. Nothing is held back. When I first came across this, I thought this was too good to be true and there had to be a catch to it all. Well, there is. Not much surprise there. So at the end of your first month, after you learned all of what they have to teach, you can pay a monthly fee of just $33 to stay with the program. Yes, you will actually have already learned everything you will need to know to run a successful internet business. If that’s the case, what is the monthly fee for? Ongoing support and expanding tools.

Their whole marketing strategy is to give you access to the whole program for free and hope that you will find it to be valuable enough to pay the monthly fees to stay with them. In order to pull something like this off and not lose your shirt, you need to make sure that what you’re offering is way beyond what your customers will expect. A lot of companies will do something similar to this and give you some access but almost never the full thing, otherwise you can just learn everything and cancel.

So since I’ve had access to their training course which consists of almost a dozen videos and now an ebook that makes it easier for them to update that take you step by step through building residual income streams with websites, a forum, monthly webinar, and a bunch of other tools, what is my opinion?

Keyword Academy Update – Almost a Year Later (March 2010)

Keyword Academy Review Bottom Line:

The Good:

  • Their training course is beyond my expectations. They are some of the best in the industry. Even though they are just individuals, they can go head to head with big corporations. They know their stuff.
  • They make most of their money doing the stuff they teach unlike many “gurus” out there who make most of their money selling people programs/ebooks/info on how to make money.
  • Their support is incredible. Their ongoing efforts to continually add more value to their members is just ridiculous. And yes, you actually get access to EVERYTHING during your first month trial so you really can learn all that you need within that first month and leave. However, once you see the value they provide, you’re probably going to want to stay.
  • They don’t exaggerate. They straight up tell you that this will take work and you will not see any results for some time. Not many people who sell these things will ever say that to you. It’s all about trying to make it sound easy so more people will sign up, but these guys don’t do that. They’re straight forward about what it takes. That’s a huge plus for me.
  • Monthly Webinars: They teach you up-to-date advance techniques to further increase your income. Most places will charge extra for something like this but the Keyword Academy does includes it in their membership. This alone is worth at least $50 a month. I’ve increased my income several times just by learning from these webinars.
  • Constant Enhancements: They are always adding more support and tools to the program at no extra cost. This certainly makes it hard to ever want to cancel your membership but this is what delivering more than what is expected is all about. They aren’t creating loyal customers, they are creating raving fans.

The Bad:

  • They started this program at the end of December 2008 so it’s still relatively new. There’s bound to be some kinks to work out. So far, I’ve only seen minor ones. They get better as time goes by though so this isn’t a concern really.
  • The time frame they talk about (6 months) seems to only apply to people who have more than a few hours a day realistically. Unless this is the only thing you do, I’d add another 6 months making it 1 full year to get the results they are talking about if you have a full-time job. This way, you’re less likely to give up if you’re not getting what you expected at the 6 month mark. 1 year or even 3 years to build a full-time income in residual income is nothing compared to having to work until you’re 65.
  • Additional costs. You will have to spend money to buy domains and a hosting service. This isn’t really a bad point though. I mean, how else are you going to build a website? Oh yeah, use Blogger, it’s free. (Blogger sucks, avoid it like a plague) But there are advantages to getting our own domain like being able to sell your website if you choose to do so. Plus, who knows, Blogger may one day decide to shut everything down like what Yahoo is doing with Geocities right now or they can just decide to shut down your blog for stupid reasons like they did with mine. They also recommend some programs and services to help you speed up the process like hiring other people to do some work for you. It’s not necessary in the beginning but as you start making money, you’ll probably want to save time by doing some outsourcing.
  • Although the free month marketing strategy is a good one to get customers, because it’s so cheap, it will also attract a lot of short-term minded people. This should be seen as a business.

That last point in the bad points of this Keyword Academy Review is bound to cause people to quit way too soon and end up calling this program a scam. I bet there will be a lot of these people who will sign up for this program. These type of people will jump from opportunity to opportunity trying to “get rich quick” but never will until they realize there’s no such thing as getting rich quick. On top of that, since it’s only a dollar, they won’t feel that bad for quitting and losing that money.

Final Thoughts

Look, anything worthwhile will take time, work, patience, and determination. If that doesn’t resonate with you, please don’t join, you’ll not only waste your time, you’ll also lower your belief in yourself and self-esteem even more. I suggest you work on your mindset first. Which reminds me…

Going back to the whole support thing, if you want to get good at anything, you need a coach. You need someone who has already gone down the path you are going down to save you time by preventing you from making the same mistakes they’ve made. Look at all of the top athletes in the world, they all have coaches. Even top business executives have people they consult with on a daily basis.

You can learn this all on your own but going through the trial and error will just take more time. Aside all of the tools they have, they will help you with your mindset as well and trust me, 90% of this is mental.

You will no doubt feel discouraged sooner or later. This is when you will need support the most. Challenges will always show up every time you’re pursuing a goal without fail. Surrounding yourself with the right people with the right mindset will mean the difference between your life being the same a year from today and your life being forever changed for the better. If you can, I’d suggest doing this with a group of friends where you can all help and support each other. You will have a forum with helpful people as well as having the trainers help you if you’re doing this alone but having that support group of friends will be invaluable.

In terms of the monthly fee, it’s up to you whether or not you want to stay as a member after the first month but I’ll say this: You will have a huge advantage over your competitors with the tools that you will have access to. Having a map is great and all but would you rather walk to your destination or drive a car?

Everything is done through Paypal so you can cancel anytime without even having to email or call anyone. You can use your credit card too but it’s easier if you use Paypal. The videos can be watched on the site once you get your username and login password as well as the updated ebook. There are also a ton of webinars that you can download to your computer and keep.

For whatever reason, if you decide that you want to cancel after the 1st month or anytime thereafter, follow these instructions.

To cancel your subscription:

1. Log into your Paypal account and go to the “My Account” and “Overview” section if it doesn’t automatically take you there by default.

2. Click on the “history” button right under the “Request Money” tab. (Actually click it, don’t just hover over it)

3. Next, hover your mouse over “More Filters”. You’ll see a list of items. Hover your mouse over the word “Subscriptions and Agreements” which will bring up another list. Click on “Subscriptions”.

4. From there, you should see your subscription list. If you don’t see the one for The Keyword Academy (it should say Court and Mark, LLC), then change the beginning date back to when you subscribed.

5. Click on “Details” for the subscription. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the “Cancel Subscription” button. Click on it and confirm and you’re all set.

That’s it. No hassle. Now that you know exactly how to cancel your subscription, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Alternative Method:

Just in case Paypal makes changes to where the buttons are located, another way is to first log into your paypal account and then go to the following address:

That should bring up all of your subscriptions. Just click on the one from TKA (Court and Mark, LLC) and click “cancel subscription” at the bottom.

So there you have it. That’s my Keyword Academy Scam Review. Even with a couple of those bad points, I still HIGHLY recommend this program. This could change your life forever. This is the best deal I have ever found guys. Your risk is NOTHING. Just do it. Feel free to leave me any questions you may have in the comments section.

Keyword Academy Course Sign Up (yes, this is an affiliate link)

To your internet business success…


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  1. Anozie lawrence  |  March 24th, 2011 #

    I would be glad if this leads me to where i always have hoped for. You will here from me soon.


    Anozie lawrence - Gravatar
  2. Kai S.  |  March 24th, 2011 #


    You’ll get there if you put in the work and have persistence. If you need help, use the keyword academy forum or leave me a comment. It’ll be tough in the beginning but push through it and make sure you follow the TKA blueprint to the T. Looking forward to hearing your progress.


    Kai S. - Gravatar
  3. Oscar  |  April 15th, 2011 #

    Hello! I am 73 years old. I do not know anything about getting money on the Internet.But i am interested. Do you think that i can be able to learn with the Keyword Academy?. Please give me your sincere advice. Thank you very much.


    Oscar - Gravatar
  4. Kai S.  |  April 15th, 2011 #

    @Oscar – As long as you know how to use the internet, you can learn this stuff. When you sign up with the Keyword Academy, you’ll be able to see how everything works in video format if you prefer. On top of that, you’ll have access to a forum full of helpful people to answer any questions you may have.

    When I started, I didn’t know much about making money online either. This stuff does take some time to learn and with a step by step guide and support from other members from the Keyword Academy, you shouldn’t have a problem understanding how all of this works.


    Kai S. - Gravatar
  5. Alexandra S.  |  July 8th, 2011 #

    I’ve been reading all of these reviews and checking out TKA’s website and I do like the fact that the first month is free, you can cancel anytime through PayPal (that was a nice touch), and that it isn’t set up to sound like a get-rich quick scheme (i.e. you’ll make this much money a month w/o working). But I have some questions.

    1) Is the first month really free? They mention on their website that there is an $8 website fee. Do you pay that the first month, or is that tacked on when you pay your first membership fee?

    2) Finally, and most importantly, what are you actually doing? The information on this part is very vague (or I just don’t understand it) and it makes the whole thing seem sort of shady. Can you cast some light on this part?

    Thank you.


    Kai S. Reply:

    Hi Alexandra,

    1. The first month really is free. However, there are costs involved such as getting hosting, which is about $10 a month, and around $8/year for each domain that you buy. You can get the first month of hosting for 1 cent by clicking here and using the code “1cent”. Getting hosting and domains is just part of the cost of this business. It’s like me teaching you how to run a lemonade stand but it’ll be up to you to pay for the lemonade and the stand.

    2. Basically, the Keyword Academy teaches you how to make money with websites. More specifically, you will be taught how to find a profitable niche, create content for that niche, then how to drive traffic to your website(s).

    Anyone can put up a website but if you build a website about a topic that is too competitive or doesn’t have any demand, you might not make any money. This program teaches you to find niches/topics to base your website around that has demand as well as low competition.

    Even if you choose the right niche, you still won’t make money unless you get targeted traffic (buyers). This program will teach you how to get traffic to your site, mainly through search engines by way of ranking higher for your targeted search terms.

    Once you have websites in good niches and traffic, all you have to do is monetize as well as test to see what will bring in the most money. They teach this as well.

    That’s basically how this business works. Hope this helped cast some light. Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Alexandra S. - Gravatar
  6. janet  |  August 15th, 2011 #

    I still don’t understand how you will make money.


    Kai S. Reply:

    To make money with a typical business, you need products or a service to sell and customers who want to buy them. That’s basically how you make money with websites. You create websites around topics that have demand and from there, you drive traffic (customers) to your site. When they buy stuff, you make money.

    TKA teaches you how to find profitable niches, create and optimize websites, and drive targeted traffic (people who will buy what you’re selling).

    You don’t have to sell your own products. You can use affiliate programs such as Amazon. These companies will pay you a percentage of the sales made from people who go to their site from your site.

    Hope that clears things up a bit. Let me know if you have any specific questions Janet.


    janet - Gravatar
  7. Vijay  |  August 30th, 2011 #

    All of them claim to teach you successful website running & money making. If they made why would they share with others. In my 25 years of working experience, I have not come across a rich guy sharing his money making formula…why would he/she do that? Does he want competition to mushroom around him? or has he/she decided to move out of that business?

    Internet is the easiest and household encroaching place where, by using good language and fooling tactics, its much easier to entice idiots into using their credit cards or paypal accounts to drain out their earnings.

    At the end of the day the payer always cries and TEACHES himself never to fall for ANY internet money making formula & keeps away from this SH..T ever after.

    Do You AGREE?


    Kai S. Reply:

    In my opinion, there are 2 types of people who sell their methods of making money online. The first are the people who makes their money from selling information on how to make money. The second are the people who make most of their money doing exactly the things that they are showing people to do. Obviously, you should listen to the second type of people.

    It’s quite obvious that you’ve been burnt in the past before and that’s why you are so skeptical and that’s totally understandable. I’ve been burnt in the past as well by empty promises. I’ve also thought the same as you about why anyone would share their formula of success when they could just keep it to themselves.

    I know this may be hard to believe but there are some people who make enough money that they don’t mind helping others out. Making tons of money is one thing but helping people achieve their financial goals and changing their lives, that’s a totally different feeling than merely making money for yourself.

    I don’t really care if you join TKA or not. All I know is that this program has changed my life and many others. I’m able to work when I want to, live where I want to live, and have time to do what I want. I joined because back then, it was just $1 for the 1st month. Today, the first month is free. You can cancel whenever you want. I don’t see the downside besides some time investment.

    Yes, there are tons of scams out there and empty promises, believe me, I know, but the fact is that you can give the “secret formula” of making money online to 100 people and less than 5 of them will actually make a decent income. Why? Because being successful in this business takes a lot of work, persistence, and patience.

    Thousands of people have signed up for TKA but only a few hundred have made more than a couple of hundred dollars. Most people fail simply because they didn’t put in the work long enough for the money to start coming in.


    Vijay - Gravatar
  8. Vijay  |  August 30th, 2011 #

    I have lost tons of $ but only learnt that money does not grow on trees and it comes the harder way.

    Please do not let the language and graphics fool you! Bcos when you try to leave that page, you are asked to join with half the money and still if you want to leave you are asked to pay $1….what is this my friend? You have decided to hold the guy until he finally pays you $1 for running your business.

    That’s all folks!

    Gud Luck & Keep learning!

    After all, We are here on this earth only to learn from our mistakes!


    Kai S. Reply:

    What are you talking about? The first month is FREE. You can cancel anytime. Even if you forget to cancel and get charged the $33 after the 1st month is up, you can just email them and they’ll give you your money back.

    I know having your hopes up and seeing them crushed hurts. I understand. Why do you think most of my posts are about helping people to avoid scams? I hate the fact there are people out there preying on folks who just want to live a better life or just have some extra income in order to provide for their family or just to spend a little more time with their kids and spouse.

    Believe me, when I first heard of TKA, I didn’t just blindly jump in. Once I decided to sign up though, I decided to go all out because I knew that success never comes without hard work. It doesn’t seem to me that you even signed up for TKA let alone put in the work.

    Here’s advice to anyone reading this: If you aren’t willing to put in the work, don’t join. Even though the first month is free, you’d only be wasting your time. This isn’t some get rich with no work scheme. I worked my ass off to get to where I am and will continue to work my ass off until I get where I want to be. If you can’t handle the work, don’t bother with this business. It’ll only make you more cynical and further crush your hopes and dreams of a better life.


    Vijay Reply:

    Hello Kai,

    Don’t know you but seems you are trying to present it in a better & simpler way. Brings back my hope to begin all afresh.

    Well, to again bring back memories of my past, I would like to tell you that I had some good websites and blogs with a decent no. of viewers.

    I have a good understanding of marketing my products and sites.

    Anyways, leaving all past debacles aside, Pl. go ahead and tell me what a person would have to do without a website or a product of his own, if he signs up for TKA?

    Tell me how it all begins by joining TKA. I would love to hear from you on the notes, in brief, if you don’t have the time or in detail if you are dedicated to my success.

    I don’t own a website or a product as of now.

    Looking forward to your comments on bringing me back on the success path.



    Kai S. Reply:


    TKA teaches you pretty much everything you need to know. From building your website to finding products to market to driving traffic to your sites, it’s all there. I started with no experience but after going through their training course, I had a much understanding about this business. From there, I just got to work, applying what they taught me.

    Any questions I had, they were answered on their forum which are full of helpful people who are successful with this business.

    Again, you can learn all of this for FREE if you cancel before your month is over. I went through the entire course in 2-3 days so a month is plenty of time. And yes, you really do have access to everything during the free trial. The reason why so many of us stay is to continue to use the tools they offer as well as getting additional help from the forum.

    Membership with TKA isn’t necessary to be successful in this business. You don’t need the tools they have to make money. However, being a monthly member and using their tools will help save you a lot of time and that’s why I’ve been a member for over 2 years.


    Vijay - Gravatar
  9. Cheryl  |  October 2nd, 2011 #

    I am in New Zealand. Does it matter where I live? Will I still be able to access all the information and set up a workable online business. I have my own idea too for a site too but is TKA just about creating more residule income pages for people to buy into?


    Kai S. Reply:

    It doesn’t matter where you live. TKA has members all over the world and yes, you’ll have access to everything. What do you mean buy into? Much of TKA is teaching you how to get the most important thing for any internet business, traffic. You can have a great idea but without traffic, you won’t make money. There are members who sell their own ebooks, products, etc. Different people will take different paths but they all use methods taught at TKA to drive more traffic to their site.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Cheryl - Gravatar
  10. Prudenciana  |  June 14th, 2012 #

    I dont have a laptop but i av a phone connected to the net. I’m 4m nigeria. Can i still join?


    Kai S. Reply:

    You can still join but to be honest, without a laptop, doing the work necessary is going to be quite hard and time consuming. So unless you have an internet cafe that you can go to, I’m not sure how you would be able to build this business in any reasonable amount of time.


    Prudenciana - Gravatar

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